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BAN on Jalikattu & Beef Exports

Not many Indians know that India is today World’s Biggest BEEF Exporter ( Under Narendra Modi ( BJP / RSS ) Government ) after toppling Brazil. Beef BAN initiated by Narendra Modi Sarkar is a SHAM , it did not mean end to Cow Slaughter and Beef Exports.

The supportive policies , BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi railed against during his 2014 General Elections Campaign , remain in place – the government still offers a grant of up to Rs 15 crore to set up new Slaughter Houses or modernise existing ones. Not only that Modi Sarkar –reduced excise duties for Beef Exporters.

A perfect example of Double speak by BJP / RSS leaders.

Many Meat / Beef Export Houses across India , had given substantial Donation to BJP / RSS , prior to election – so it was only a election rhetoric to win elections – but on coming to power only pursue Sonia Gandhi’s policies.

Firebrand Hindutva Leader Sangeet Som ( BJP MLA from Sardhana constituency in Meerut ) , who was at the forefront of seeking BAN on Cow Slaughter , was founder , Director of TWO Meat Processing And Export Firms to export “..Halal..” Meat to Gulf countries. He is a close friend of Moinuddin Qureshi ( or Moin Qureshi ) – a Hawala Dealer with close ties to Senior Congress Leaders , India’s Top BEEF Exporter , and a Middleman for CBI ( for laundering Bribe money of CBI officials ). After he joined BJP , he was cunningly promoted as a firebrand Hindutva Leader by RSS.

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How BJP MLA  Sangeet Som defended himself saying – “I am a Hindu hardliner hence there is no chance of getting involved in activities which are against my religion.”  He claimed that he had no idea that they had anything to with meat. He further added, “But all this was way before I joined politics.” Here I am exposing the RSS – their double speak and their Nautanki Hindutva Politics  ( of BEEF Ban ).

Sonia Gandhi led UPA government on coming to power in 2004 , initiated Meat sector reforms , what is called PINK REVOLUTION to promote export of BEEF to Western ( & Gulf ) countries. Her UPA government gave grants to MUSLIM Butchers up to Rs 25 Crores to set up new Slaughter Houses or modernize existing ones. Her government ensured there was no income tax or central excise duties in this sector. Also gave transport subsidies. India now exports Beef to more than 60 countries around the world – Thanks to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

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Here is the reason – Why  Europeans & Americans importing Beef from India ..?

European / American Jersey cows suffer from an epidemic of Mad Cow Disease or Bovine Spongiform Disease ( BSE ) , eating their Beef means you will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in old age.  Also , Drinking their A1 Milk is also TOXIC.

On the other hand our Indian Vedic / Kamadhenu HUMPED cows are immune to all these modern diseases like Bovine Spongiform Disease ( BSE ) and Foot & Mouth diseases , That is the reason , why Brazil imported our Vedic / Kamadhenu HUMPED cows from India and raised them for Slaughter and Export , with full knowledge of the Indian government. The Indian Bull, Bos Indicus, is in great demand abroad , their embroyos are smuggled out of India with the help of foreign funded NGOs , in refrigerated containers.

Today . Europeans and Americans ( including Middle Easterners ) wants to eat our Indian Kamadhenu / HUMPED Cow MEAT  – since it is considered HEALTHY and Nutritious.

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Ban on Jalikattu

Sonia Gandhi led UPA government in 2006 BANNED a Bull taming sport called – JALIKATTU in Southern India ( Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh ) called JALIKATTU.

UPA government also BANNED a Bull –Cart Racing festival called Rekla race  in Maharashtra.Slaughter of Bulls / Buffaloes as sacrifices in Kali & Chandika Temples in West Bengal ( & across India ) was also BANNED by UPA government. Sonia Gandhi led UPA government also funded & supported NEPAL MAOISTS in toppling Nepalese Royal Government headed by Rajput Shah / Rana family  ( now NEPAL is no longer a Hindu Kingdom but a Anti Hindu Secular Government headed by Maoists – with close ties to Pakistan & China. People of Indian origins living in Nepal for centuries called MADHESIS have been completely marginalized. ).

All this was done with hidden support from BJP / RSS Leaders.

Sonia Gandhi led UPA government BANNED Jalikattu in 2006 , citing ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Supporters of JALIKATTU across Southern India appealed to Supreme Court against government decision  – but there they were confronted by Church funded NGOs ( Animal Rights Activists, PETA, People for Animals..etc ) and Animal Welfare Board of India.

In May 2014, the Supreme Court had passed final orders on the issue of Jallikattu , BANNING the sport.  According to the Supreme Court – Jalikattu was inherently cruel in nature and that culture or tradition could not be a reason to allow practices which unnecessarily inflict cruelty on animals for human pleasure.

To all Indians , Jalikattu is just a GAME of WRESTLING with young Bulls , Bull tamers are completely barehanded – But since it is a  part of Hindu Culture and traditions of Southern India for more than a 1000 years. Supreme Court , which SWIFTLY upheld the decision of UPA Government , only gave LEGAL BACKING to a Political decision. It is obvious that Church Funded NGOs wanted to DESTROY Hindu Culture and Traditions of Southern India.

JALIKATTU was BANNED in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh citing FAKE and COOKED UP excuse of Animal Cruelty by Supreme Court. The day Supreme Court upheld the ban on JALLIKATTU about seven years ago, many bull-owners just sold them to Slaughter Houses. This is exactly what Sonia Gandhi wanted.

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“…Double Dealer…” Narendra Modi Government on BAN on Jalikattu

When Narendra Modi government came to power , it issued a notification – allowing JALIKATTU all over southern India – this has something to do with securing support for NDA government and  winning alliances with parties in Tamil Nadu. But this was a DOUBLE GAME – manner in which BJP / RSS Leaders have long fooled the Hindu Community.

The day Narendra Modi government issued a notification through Ministry of Environment and Forests removing  BAN on JALIKATTU Festival – Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), a statutory body set up by the Government of India but independent of it ; along with other Church funded NGOs filed a case in the Supreme Court  for upholding BAN on Jalikattu.

( Don’t buy this BULLSHIT – “..of Independence of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)..” ,  they get their salaries  funds , and grants from Ministry of Environment and Forests ). Just 24 hours before PONGAL in January 2016– Supreme Court gave a decision BANNING Jalikattu – hurting sentiments of millions of Tamilians.

We need to realize the DOUBLE GAME over here by BJP / RSS leaders  , Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) a statutory body set up by the Government of India goes against government decision , uses government funds to file a case in Supreme Court – but the government CANNOT do anything to STOP it.

The fact is Narendra Modi ( BJP / RSS ) Sarkar is a BIG Supporter of Cow Slaughter , even when they PRETEND to oppose it  – since this will decimate Native – Indigenous Indian Breeds of Cows / Bulls / Buffaloes – and – also create a BIG market for imported – Jersey Cows from Europe and America , all infected with Bovine Spongiform Disease ( BSE ) and will give large quantities of TOXIC A1 Milk.

As a result , all crony Capitalists supporting BJP ( & Congress Party ) will make BIG MONEY.

Beef BAN initiated by Narenda Modi Sarkar did not mean end to cow slaughter – but only made more cows available for slaughter Houses that export Beef to America / Europe and Gulf Countries. This is a well known fact that You can easily get Indian Cows meat in the gulf – but media wont report it.

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Indo US Nuclear Deal ensured that India becomes the 3rd Biggest Market for conventional Nuclear Reactors Manufacturers Cartel for purchase of RISKY – URANIUM based Nuclear Reactors , Heavy Water Reactors and Uranium fuel – and it was not in India’s interest – even as the Deal was HYPED by our Foreign funded – Indian media as a Game Changer.  This deal was signed by Sonia Gandhi led UPA government – even as Senior BJP / RSS leaders PRETENDED to oppose it

Consequences of Cow slaughter and Ban on Jalikattu

Bulls specially reared for JALIKATTU festival are usually the best Bulls , they are later kept the village temples and are used for servicing cows. JALLIKATTU events provide the opportunity for Spectators take note of the best bulls on display and seek them out in the shandies or cattle markets. Thus JALLIKATTU helps bulls establish their pedigree. The calves from such bulls, which have displayed their virility and agility on the sports field, are preferred by farmers and in great demand. Stud bulls are used for JALLIKATTU and mating only.

We have so many indigenous NATIVE breeds of Bulls – Ongole Bull of central and coastal Andhra, know to be very strong and sturdy , can defend its calves against Wild animals ; Kangayam Bulls of Tamil Nadu used in Jalikattu events ; Kambala buffalo of  Dakshin Kannada region , used for racing muddy swamps ; Killari Bulls of Bailgada region of Maharashtra used in Rekla Races. All these bulls are indigenous NATIVE breeds  that are perfectly adapted to Indian conditions

Each breed has evolved over several millennia and in a distinct way , adapted to local conditions. Every place in the world , where indigenous people have lived with their livestock, there are celebratory showcase events post-harvest. These festivals are meant to test the sturdiness , virility and agility of their livestock.

Now with BAN on Jalikattu Festival  ( and Rekla Race of Maharashtra ) – the Bulls that were meant to be reared for the Bull Taming and cart racing festivals – are now being sold to slaughter houses.

According to Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, managing trustee of the Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF), there is an insidious conspiracy by some big politicians to kill native breeds of Cattle – to create another new market for imported animals.

India becoming World’s Biggest BEEF Exporter is not a good news , this will decimate India’s INDIGENOUS Cattle breeds that are perfectly adapted to Indian conditions, through indiscriminate Cow / Bull Slaughter for export – which will only benefit Crony Capitalists  , who own lucrative Meat Export and Processing firms.

To all Indian guys , until recently India had the World Largest Cattle Population and also the Healthiest giving nutritious A2 Milk  , since cattle farming in India is apart of household activity – we keep cattle mostly for milk , unlike in the west , where cattle is raised in Cattle Farms , fattened for BEEF.

As an ancient nation with an ancient practice going back millennia, JALLIKATTU should be preserved. They are an integral part of farming, especially for small and marginal farmers as they serve multiple purposes like ploughing, transportation, source for farmyard manure, organic treatments like panchagavya, jeevamritham, and as a source of A2 milk. The native cattle are both an input as well as insurance to the livestock keepers. In ancient Tamil and Sanskrit literature, cattle is considered as wealth. Cattle were measured as a unit of wealth

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